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Our Story

The outbreak of Covid-19 has laid a foundation for the initiation of FONI. As the hit of Covid forced the houses of worship to close their doors and adapt online digital media. A group of three members with the headship of Adv. T. Raja Sekhar shared similar ideas and put forth their efforts in bringing out Christian Album Songs to praise and worship the Lord and for people to stay connected. Such shared ideas evolved and emerged as an official group FONI on 30.06.2020 by its Founder Adv.T. Raja Sekhar, the choirmaster of C.S.I District Church Kanjikuzhi. The word FONI takes its origin from the Greek word ‘Phone’, meaning ‘voice’. A simple start had extended its hand for the budding young talents to showcase their unexplored talents of singing amidst the pandemic. Around 25+ Christian songs were released now. One best part of Covid-19 for us is the start of FONI as it had a great impact in setting a trending role for the good use of technologies.

About Founder


Raja Sekhar

We are inborn Christians belonging to the collective council of CSI District Church Kanjikuzhi, Kanyakumari District.

Since our inception, FONI has set out to spread the love of God through songs, dance, Carol, debate, drama, etc. in the domain of Christianity. FONI was founded and led by Adv. T. Rajasekhar, the secretary of Sun, Surya & Udaya group of institution, The church deacon and the choirmaster of CSI Church Kanjikuzhi, and the former Administrative Committee member of  CSI Kanyakumari Diocese. He formally learnt music with a passion through Mr.T.C Joel in 1985, who learnt music from Miss. Blanchard, an L.M.S Missionary who established the Neyoor Church choir and imported the first organ from England to Neyoor. She named her home Neyoor in the reminiscence of her fruitful service in Neyoor. He served as a Choir Master at Christopher Nagar from the following year until 1995 and as a Choir Master of CSI Church Kanjikuzhi since 1995.

Meet The Team

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