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Navidad 2023

Virtual Christmas Carol Contest

Record a Christmas carol Video song and Email us to win exciting prizes

1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


Navidad  Free Registration

Thanks for registering

• Only one christmas video song per group

• The video should be in MP4, resolution of 1080p / 2k  /4K - ( preferable)

• Time duration is maximum 5 mins

• Language: English, Tamil, Malayalam

• Contest starts from 01 December and ends by 18 December- 11:59 pm

• Winners will be announced on 23rd December.

• There should not be any watermarks in the video

• Published video cannot be accepted

• Video will be rejected; If it doesn't reach our standard

#Navidad2022  #Foni

Contact for more info :

Raja Sekhar: 9281090003 | Edwin Lawrence Raja : 9443281117 

Jose Raj : 9442566503 | Ferrin : 8870523416

About Navidad 2021

‘Hark Now, hear the Angels sing, a King was born today!’

Christmas ignites with a harmonious Carol’s, jingling bells and sparkling lights equivalently FONI ignites NAVIDAD since 2018 to bring out the lively musicals to the audience proclaiming the birth of Christ and rewarding them on their performances. As an inherited event, the effect of Covid has not terminated its joy, rather outreached the word as the aroma of frankincense. On account of Covid ; NAVIDAD 2021 was organized virtually and it was a great success under the dynamic energy of our head Adv. T. Raja Sekhar.

The powerful acoustic stage performances and the frosty live presence are left unaltered virtually through FONI YouTube channel. Each day’s of Icy December melts with the merry joyous choirs all around Tamil Nadu, as a great deal of choirs participated on receiving the brochure of NAVIDAD 2021 and the groups of angels fulfilling the criterion of FONI are consolidated and are rewarded with cash prizes. The winner of NAVIDAD 2021 was “ WCC STUDENT CHOIR CHENNAI” who were honored with Rs.15,000 followed by the runner “ Gracious Choir Karungal” who were rewarded with Rs.10,000 and the 2nd runner “Messengers from Manger” who were awarded with Rs.5,000. All other choral of choirs are encouraged. Here ends NAVIDAD 2021 spreading the aura of FONI to reach heights.

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